Black Excellence at the 2017 Emmys

Here are our favorite Black Excellence looks from last nights Emmys Red Carpet! All photos via VanityFair Photographers: John Shearer, Frazer Harrison, and Steve Granitz. Advertisements

Inclusion: Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers, In New York City back in 1972, Labyris, the city’s first women’s bookstore was opened. There was the birthplace of the slogan, “The Future is Female”. The women who founded the bookstore and slogan were lesbian separatists who believed that lesbians should be separated from communities of men and heterosexuals either temporarily or…

The Non-linear Healing of Nyuma Waggeh

Vulnerability is unsettling and uneasy. There is a dam in your throat that stops the real feelings and issues to be said and the result is insatisfaction. In our society, it is normal and desirable to feel the best we can but the risk is never being able to clear the avoidance that piles up….

Making a ReLITerate World

Meeting at the Verbal Mayhem Grand Slam and becoming friends preparing for CUPSI (College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational), Dena Igusti and Marwa Adina had an idea and made it happen. Founding ReLITerate Word, a literary magazine of local poets, Dena and Marwa didn’t want to just give artists exposure, they wanted to give back. Dena…

Diversity in Media: The Story of Kimberly Hoyos

Today’s media has a representation problem, both in content and in the workforce. The media industry has always been a very white, male dominated field. Although women and minorities represent more than half of the nation’s population, they still struggle with equal and diverse representation in media. Gloria Steinem, a well-known feminist, journalist, and activist…