By Sade Ford Now I can’t say that we are voiceless but our voices have been heard less and less and unless things change, there will be no peace I’m gonna say that again Advertisements

What it Means to be American

By Saad Mughal White, Black. Brown. Hicks, Slaves, Terrorists. White supremacy, All Lives Matter, Islamophobia, Black Lives Matter, No one left behind. We the minority.

The Never-ending Struggle of Native Americans

Credit: Getty Images By Matthew D. Gamble Native Americans, America’s silenced minority are taking their rights into their own hands, for centuries they have been victims of genocide, oppression and culture erasure. Natives across the US have joined together in protest of the construction of  the Dakota Access pipeline which runs through reservation territory. The pipeline…

Open Response to President Barchi

To President Barchi, Thank you for that email yesterday but unfortunately you’re a week too late. Actually you’re months late. Some students have not felt safe on campus during most of the election and yet you choose until the eve of a large protest to try to calm everyone down. Being reactive is not as…