puBLACations: A Saving Grace

By Jada Anderson As a child, I had always enjoyed getting lost in books, so becoming an English major was a no-brainier. Halfway through my college career, I began to resent the thing I had once found comfort in because it was so…whitewashed. Where were the stories of people who looked like me, whose experiences…

An Analysis of Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” Video

Beyonce is well-known for creating bold and symbolic music videos for many of her songs. Each time, fans are left in awe at the singer’s ability to weave her own social commentary into her creative masterpieces. A recent example is her “Formation” video, which featured images of  black pride and anti-police brutality. Beyonce recieved a…

Why a Safety Pin is Not Enough to Show Your Support

In the wake of a nation now awaiting President-elect Donald Trump to take office, there have been nationwide protests and even a protest here on our very campus rejecting the election results. Using one’s voice to protest is not a new concept. Causes from the Vietnam War to the Civil Rights Movement all garnered protesting…


By Sade Ford Now I can’t say that we are voiceless but our voices have been heard less and less and unless things change, there will be no peace I’m gonna say that again

What it Means to be American

By Saad Mughal White, Black. Brown. Hicks, Slaves, Terrorists. White supremacy, All Lives Matter, Islamophobia, Black Lives Matter, No one left behind. We the minority.