Inclusion: Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers,

In New York City back in 1972, Labyris, the city’s first women’s bookstore was opened. There was the birthplace of the slogan, “The Future is Female”. The women who founded the bookstore and slogan were lesbian separatists who believed that lesbians should be separated from communities of men and heterosexuals either temporarily or permanently. To them, the slogan signified the openness and inclusivity that will hopefully develop in the future. They wanted important topics like rape, homophobia, and racism to be discussed, investigated and diminished from society. The saying grew popular and was designed on buttons and t-shirts worn by the community during protests and rallies. After vanishing for about four decades, the slogan was revamped for the times and quickly grew popularity as people are still passionate about working towards a more respectful and open country today.

As the founders of Labyris did, women today are interrupting the close-minded and exclusive cloud of ignorance that poisons institutions of society. At Rutgers, extraordinary women have transferred their energy into the projection of certain types of identities and cultures to the main conversation. The beginning of change starts with an idea and a push that forces one to act that spreads from person to person. Within this issue, we has featured just a small percentage of the women on campus that are the roots that will affect the future branches out.

This topic is very important to Joy and myself, both being black women here at Rutgers. We sought out Voice Magazine to be a platform for our voices and creativity. I started as a featured artist years ago and I was able to find my voice in writing and as a growing woman. Being able to ignite a conservation in homes that I could not reach with a piece of writing and then help others do the same is something that I will always cherish and hope to continue onward. Since I am graduating, I wish the best of luck to Joy who will be the sole Editor-in-Chief next year. She has the passion and dedication to continue to build Voice into a force stronger than imaginable. I would like to thank her and the rest of the team for not only dealing with me but for growing with me. I hope you enjoy this issue!

                                                                                    Jasanna Sevier, Joy Taylor


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