The Love From A Black Woman

The love from a black woman

Runs deeper than stony mountains

Gets you higher than ecstasy 

Pulls you closer than magnets

Takes you in , consumes you in ways you can’t fathom

That Ebony Majestry

Speaks to your soul and not just your body

Captures you,

Holds you in spirit and

blows your mind. 

It opens your eyes.

This love from a black woman

is deeply rooted ,

as we find time to erase society lines of how we define the love for ourselves ,

we have trouble finding the love for ourselves and when we do ,

we are able to share it with you, 

That’s a passion that can’t be ignored

That’s a passion worth being explored and adored 

For it doesn’t occur that often 

The love of a black woman 

Many will downplay 

Cast in the shadows 

Abandon in the mountains 

But we still find our ground , 

Picking up pieces from our crown 

Allowing royalty to speak through our souls, our bodies, 

Without making a sound

And still find time to love you 

The love of a black woman is vulnerable 

yet indestructible,



and undeniable 

You have to see it 

to believe it 

Don’t be afraid to be a witness…..


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