Love: A Glimpse Of The Soundtrack

If it ain’t like the 90’s I don’t want it !

It’s tricky, you get tipsy…

You get a taste and then you can’t get enough

So you fall,

and get hooked on the hardest drug.

The best drug.

Love is…

Slow dances at 3 a.m. to Luther Vandross’ If This World Were Mine

No talking, just body to body and locked eyes.

Love is…

Random kisses anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

A subway ride to my mind.

A poem, a book, a flower, or chocolates just because it was something that reminded you of me..

Embracing my flaws when I fall only, to patch up the scars with “I Love You” and “You’re Beautiful”.

Love is…

Soft pillows and warm sheets.

Exposing my soul and to my surprise,

finding you there waiting with chocolate

and white roses.

Love is….you



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