Brown Shugah: The Mixtape

Girl you are all that is poetry

wrapped in coconut oil

 made from cocoa beans

dipped in honey.

You smooth like butter, I wanna spread you like butter, yeah I said butter, be my butter baby…….


you are all that is hip hop

soul food to the starving fool

who can’t see the love radiating from within you.

You are a love song filled with sultry lyrics

over an Afro beat.

Let me march to the rhythm of your drums

dance to the bass of your lips,

rise to the fall of your hips…

You are my favorite hook,

like a book you read love

& I am the author.


those fools didn’t know what to do with

a diamond rooted in red soil.

They could not dig you

But I dig you.

I’ll hold your heart like art,

though your ribs are cages.

You got bars that won’t cage a man,

but will make him yo prisoner…

let me be him

let me in.

Be my brown sugar goddess

I just wanna kiss the crown

hold it down,

paint the town black with you by my side.

All that ass, come with sass

but I see past it

because I see you.

I’ll be damned

If another nigga read you like poetry

I’ll be damned

if he try to refine the lines of your lips

& inner thighs,

where I was made to make music.

Let me ease that worried mind






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