Rutgers University “Walks Out” Together


Gathering at Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus, students, faculty, staff, alumni and even New Brunswick residents of all different backgrounds came together in true unity yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, November 16, 2016). The demonstration represented their rejection of the recent presidential election results as well as their desire for a sanctuary campus and was displayed through rallying and marching. Hundreds of people raised their voices against the prejudice and bigotry that president elect Trump, as well as his campaign, represents. There was a specific light shown on the importance of protecting immigrant students as well as protection of the reproductive rights of women across the country.

Of course there were students that were in support of the president elect on campus and they came out (though in smaller numbers)  to let their stance and viewpoint be seen as well. There were even some students who heckled the protesters, shouting outside of houses and academic buildings. What was most impressive however, was the way in which the heckling may have had the reverse effect of what was intended. Protesters did not get angry or violent, instead the chants got louder and the crowd grew more electrified.

What took place on Wednesday afternoon was something that I had not witnessed in my years at Rutgers University. Despite age, race, sexual orientation or identity, economic or educational status, the community came together to support and uplift each other in a public setting and as a result, on a national stage. Although we are all unsure of what this change in administration will bring, what we know is that if we are ALL standing together, calling out ALL oppression and oppressors, we truly cannot fail.

By: Aaliyah Roulhac


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