G.O.Y.A. Project Celebrates it’s 15th Year Annual Walk For Literacy

By Essence Jarrell

October 8, 2016 at 10:00, many members of the Rutgers community gathered to register and donate to the annual Walk for Literacy hosted by The Galvanizing and Organizing Youth Activism (G.O.Y.A.).

Handing out over 30 books and bags of candy, student organizations ranging from Rutger’s UNBC to fraternities like Phi Beta Sigma came out to support the non profit community service organization as they took to streets of downtown New Brunswick. Those interested in walking were recommended advanced registration which included a five dollar donation to walk or ten dollars to walk and receive a t-shirt and if you couldn’t make a monetary donation you still had a chance to donate school supplies. However, most of the proceeds from the donations, bake sale and sale of T-shirts would be going toward a relief fund for Haiti.

The walk which began at the Douglass student center approximately 11:30 a.m. and concluded at the College Avenue Student Center, was filled with many awe-inspired and satisfied walkers. When asked why they choose to walk, most replied it was a good way to spread awareness about illiteracy, they liked the idea of being able to take to the streets and make an impact and some even mentioned it was a good way to bridge the gap between the New Brunswick community and Rutgers Students. “Small acts go a long way” one volunteer replied as the walk concluded and one little girl even went on to say “I feel so loved” as she received many offers of books to read.

The G.O.Y.A. project for over 14-years have been aligned with the Global Literacy project, INC. making sure that all children were provided and had access to literary materials. Making donations from books, to school supplies the G.O.Y.A. project mission is to not only help locally, but globally and internationally. “Today was just about bringing out  members of the Rutgers Community who wanted to get involved” stated Patricia, G.O.Y.A. project E-board member. Surprisingly, the G.O.Y.A. project isn’t just literary based as it also entails donating personal care items as well. The G.O.Y.A. project e-board member Patricia states “We’ve always been interested in co-sponsoring or getting involved with campus based orgs…just to see how we can help”.

So if you happened to see some vibrant pink T-shirts around campus and downtown New Brunswick you were witnessing a movement catered to making reading fun again. To Learn more about the G.O.Y.A. Project you can email them at goyaproject@gmail.com


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