Love Is…


By Aaliyah Roulhac

Love is so complex. Some people say it can drive you crazy, others say it is the most powerful feeling there is. Many try to define exactly what love is and even police it. They tell others who they can and cannot love and how they should or should not express it. There is something that those people do not know.

Love is boundless. Love is wild and unpredictable. Love cannot be tamed and you should not try to tame it.

Love is the end  all, be all and it is naturally inside all of us.

It is so important to understand the multifaceted-ness of love, however. Love is not just something that you feel when you look into another person’s eyes and see the depths of their soul opening up to welcome you in. Love is not just that warmth you feel when the inside of your palm is met with that of the person that you have spent your days and nights thinking and dreaming of.

Love extends beyond romance.

Love is in the embrace that your mother encompasses you in after you’ve told her that you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Love is in the voicemails that your grandfather leaves you, when he hasn’t heard from you in a while. Love is the shoulder that your roommate offers after you have your first breakdown since you’ve been away at school.

Love is not conditional, instead it is forgiving and understanding and resilient.

What is also so important to remember about love is that it starts with the self. You must understand that you are worthy to give and receive love, but you must find it within. You must find love in your faults and weaknesses, but also in the qualities that you are made up of.

When you love yourself for everything that you are, you can begin to truly love those around you.

I am writing this because there is not enough love in the world. The “all you need is love” idea may come off as cliche and I do not find it to be completely true, but I do believe that love is the missing link, the key, the answer, to a lot of what we are all in need of.

I hope you find it.





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