A Poem For the Blissful Ignorants

By: Jasanna Sevier

A river is being born
The amount we are crying.
Bodies drowning, sinking in dispair.
Anchored down by the man.
Air is just a memory now
And I wonder…
What are you doing?
You are not dying with us.
Not even a drip of water on you.
Must be nice
Living the way you do.
Neither helping nor joining.
Then…what are you doing?

A fire is catching,
The amount rage in our hearts.
Can you tell?
Burnt bodies like dominos falling.
Lungs are pleading to stop.
Hands stay together beyond life.
United we are, but
You are still missing.
Must be nice to breathe.
Neither helping nor joining.
…what have you done?

What have you donated?
Your money,
Your water,
Your love,
Your time,
Your thoughts?
You live with us,
But not with us.
Those tweets ain’t shit.
Those likes don’t save us.
What do you do?

Have you been ignorant
From Trayvon to Keith?
Please tell me how.
What plane of existence
do you live on?
You watch us drown.
You watch us burn.
Are we the problem or you?
Believe there is violence in death.
We won’t wither away.
Would you?
What will you do?


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