Misogyny in Media

by Chi Chi Obi

Misogyny is a cultural norm that has been used by men for many centuries. Feminism was and still is the biggest movement that challenges misogyny in many ways. Women have always been devalued by men until the start of the feminist movement in the 1960’s that demanded women to be given equal rights. Since then, misogyny has taken on a new form in entertainment and social media.

Women and their bodies have become even more objectified in music videos and social media for pure viewing pleasure. Hip hop has been known to be very real about social issues until Nelly’s “Tip Drill” music video. That was the first times the porn industry has made its way into hip hop, using women as sexual objects for male fantasies. In the video, private parts can be seen, constant touching and shaking of the behind and the most popular scene of him swiping a credit card through the crack of a woman’s behind. This started a heavy trend of rappers using women in videos for nothing else but their bodies. The problem also lies in the fact that these women may not even know they are contributing to their own oppression.

woman silhouette.pngSimilar to music videos, social media has become a comfortable market for women to be objectified. Dan Bilzerian, a misogynistic social media star, is a professional poker player who earned millions through gambling. His social media pages are filled with naked women who he brags he’s sleeping with. In images, Bilzerian is usually fully dressed, sitting comfortably while a crowd of women surround him, only wearing thongs.

Most of his followers are male, who comment degrading things against women while praising Bilzerian for being able to capture them. Comments seen under his posts call the women “whores” and “prostitutes” who deserve no respect from any man. Followers agree that it’s okay for Bilzerian to sleep with them as long as he is not actually in a relationship with them. Bilzerian has posted against getting married or being in relationship with women which suggests using them sexually is good enough. His followers express their dream of living a life he has; having millions and being surrounded with a bunch of gorgeous, naked women.

This misogynist trend continues into the post of other social media stars, even women themselves. Singer, Niykee Heaton has risen to fame with her music and good looks. She is glorified because she is a white woman with ethnic curves in all the right places. On her social media pages, especially her Facebook, male followers suggest for her to follow a new career path in the porn industry. Many comments have been made for her to join the popular porn site Brazzers, where she should be “nailed from behind.” Her images have been reposted with the Brazzers logo.

They consistently degrade her as a “whore” because of the way she dresses and presents herself. They believe she should stop her singing career and do what she they know she will be good at, which is porn.

This type of behavior is not only constant for participants in the media but also in the comments sections. Commentators now have a platform to say as they wish and aid in dehumanizing a woman. There is no filter or protection of any sort to protect women from this issue. Misogyny is a norm that cannot be abolished by other women. Men have created and forever hold that power against women. The benefit of male privilege is that misogyny can continue to manifest, however long men want it to. Women have to continue protecting each other from the harm, to reduce the power significantly. The more women fight about this, the more it will be heard.


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