Stop Milo Protest

The Young Americans for Liberty, an on-campus Rutgers organization,  invited controversial guest speaker, Milo Yiannopolous to speak this past Tuesday, leaving feminist and African American students stronger than ever.

Leading up to his arrival, Yiannopolous fires off some tweets for the people he may run into when he steps foot onto the campus:


Tweet 2Tweet 4

Students came prepared to hear the worst, but it didn’t stop them from smearing fake blood all over their bodies to make their point.


Students stood up and let their presence be acknowledged while the speaker thought he had successfully kept all the Feminist and BlackLivesMatter students out of the audience.


Students walked out following the speakers speech and protested outside.


They argued.


They stood together.



They held their fists high.


They stood up for what they believed in. In the snow. United.





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