#TyTalks to NAACP about Inspiration, the Future, and Hard Work

by Travis Henry

Rutgers NAACP invited Ty Hobson-Powell, 20-year-old global affairs PhD candidate at Rutgers University Newark to share his story on Monday, November 2. At the event titled “TyTalks: A Conversation about Inspiration and his Prodigal Narrative”, Hobson-Powell discussed the value of hard work, his experiences going to college at age 13 and why he doesn’t like the term “child prodigy”.


Hobson-Powell placed out of high school after eighth grade when he went to University of Baltimore and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, History, Government and Public Policy. He then went on the Liberty University where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Services at age 17.

The young student began to talk reminding his audience about the importance of respect. “Even though I’m wearing a T-shirt and jeans right now, please respect me as if I was wearing a three-piece suit,” said Hobson-Powell.

Hobson-Powell also spoke about his struggle being a young black man in university. He wanted to fit in, but he also wanted to do well in school. He felt as if Black students as a whole also could identify with that struggle. “We, as a race, feel like we have to pick and choose between cool and smart,” said Hobson-Powell.

ty talksHobson-Powell began to delve into meaning of hard work. He stated that he truly believes that he is not any better or smarter than any person in the room. It’s all about hard work. Each hour in a day can be used effectively and productively, and that is the key to success.

Aside from pursuing his doctorate degree, Hobson-Powell is embarking on a tour, “#Inspire2014” in which he will be travelling the country to share his story and encourage students to tap into their own potential. He aims to inspire his audience and teach them that professionalism, respect, and wisdom doesn’t come from wearing a three-piece suit.

After he talked about his story, he opened up the floor for Question-and-Answer to which someone asked what he did for a job to which he replied that he works for the Washington D.C. government as curriculum developer, alongside being a public speaker for #Inspire. When asked about his future, he said that his plans are to finish law school and help the world.

For more updates on Hobson-Powell follow him on Twitter: @KappaAlphaTy  Instagram @youngdiggs2k12


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