Ask Akua! Keeping Friendships

Dear Akua,

Graduation is approaching and I feel like my friendships are dwindling. I want to keep in touch with all my friends, but I feel like I have friendships that can only work in college. Some of my friends are content with where their lives are now and see no point in advancing their careers. I do not want their stagnancy to hold me back from moving forward with my life. Should I attempt to maintain the friendship or just cut it off now?

Dear It Ain’t Nothing To Cut ‘Em All Off,

Let me just say that I’m loving your pseudonym, an ode to K Camp and 2Chainz. It is your life, be as selfish as you want to be. If you feel like you have friends that are impeding you from progressing, then eventually let them go. We are all entitled to our own happiness. In your words, your friends’ “stagnant” lives make them happy. However, graduation is not for another 7 months; I think cutting them off now is a bit soon. That’s 7 more months to share more memories and more laughs. Seven more months for them to change their mind. Most of all, 7 more months for you to change your mind.




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