Glitters and Gold

By: Quintessa Davis

I am 5 years old

Everything is glitter, everything gold.

Nothing in this world has ever seemed cold

Everyone’s got an unconditional love for this 5 year old.

The coldest part of my day is the brain freeze I receive from ice cream.

I run around with my two pig tails not getting a feel for this horrid world.

Not realizing these days are the best days

and the worst days will soon unfold.


Many say I’m still at the age of child’s play

But I’ve found love.

Love that is so blinding and conniving that it would seem I am still 5 years old.

Still living with the idea that everything is glitter, and everything is gold

and no one could ever treat you this cold.

No love could ever be this harsh.

The first of many heartbreaking revelations.


I was finally released into the real world.

No one cares the way they used to.

No one thinks the way they used to, imagination is now a thing of the past.

We’re going through life, doing what’s needed to make the time pass,

instead of keeping that spark alive, we’ve become accustomed to dark skies.

and I was 18 when I realized

that my childhood bliss will never be the same

I will always have the heart of a 5 year old.

but now I have realized ….

all that glitters isn’t always gold.


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