The “Stop Ebola Campaign” at Rutgers

by Nana Afrifa

A team of medical professionals, faculty, and students from the Rutgers community is working together to aid in the first stages of Ebola education: prevention. Since Ebola is spread through bodily fluids and many medical professionals in Africa lack the basic essentials for protection (e.g. gloves, full body suits, and facial masks), Dr. Mafudia Suaray, Jonathan Hogan, Nana Afrifah, Sékou Mansare, and Abu Bakarr Conteh are trying to get medical supplies to the areas heavily affected.

Left to Right: Jonathan Hogan, Dr. Mafudia Suaray, Nana Afrifah, Sekou Mansare, Abu Bakarr Conteh
Left to Right: Jonathan Hogan, Dr. Mafudia Suaray, Nana Afrifah, Sekou Mansare, Abu Bakarr Conteh

Dr. Suaray of Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School addresses the importance of knowing the differences between The Ebola Virus and similar infectious diseases.

“The symptoms of Ebola can be very similar to malaria, like the fever and the tiredness…The diarrhea and vomiting can look like cholera…If you have been around somebody that has had Ebola, it is very important to get tested so they can know that it is Ebola and what is not,” said Suaray.

Fronting the educational movement both in the United States and in Western Africa, educational efforts in Sierra Leone and Guinea are being assisted by two of the Mandela Washington Fellows (originally President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative). The fellows, Sékou Mansare of Guinea and Abu Bakarr Conteh of Sierra Leone, represent an emerging generation of young Continental Africans whose dedication to serving positively impact their communities. Mansare and Conteh are supporting the “Stop Ebola” initiative by using their networks at home to spread knowledge, awareness, and resources.

As students of Professor Denniston Bonadie’s (Department of Africana Studies) Pan-African Movement course, Hogan and I could not allow this opportunity to pass us.

“I hope this project will spark the change we need to unify the African Diaspora on campus. We are working towards a common goal for the sake of a better future for Africa,” said Hogan. 

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