Kenya Shopping Mall Siege Under Investigation

It is possible that for about three months, attackers of Kenya’s upscale shopping mall, WestgateMall, operateda store where they continuously stashed weapons in preparation for their attack on innocent shoppers.

U.S. forensic teams along with international investigators arrived in Kenya to assist in finding out who was behind this event and how it occurred.

It is not clear whether any Americans were apart of the Westgate Mall siege but U.S. officials intend to conduct the necessary analysis, which will include biometric analysis and fingerprints.

Also, there is speculation that after the attack, some of the rebels changed into clothes and “escaped” with the fleeing crowd when siege began.

The terrorists, who  have been linked to the Somalia-base Islamist group al-Shabab, utilized machine guns, grenades and homemade bombs that killed 72 people. As the investigation continues, the death toll is expected to rise.

Currently, Kenya has began its three days of national mourning,which was declared by President Uhuru Kenyatta, after the four-day siege that began on Saturday.


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  1. MasonBentley says:

    It has been shocking xxx

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