Kendrick Lamar/Drake Beef?


Yesterday, on his NWTS press run, Drake stopped by a few radio stations to promote his album. During his visit with Angie Martinez at Hot 97, he was asked about the verse from Kendrick Lamar on Big Sean’s “Control.”

He seemed frustrated with the question and felt like is was “fake” of Kendrick rap such a verse.

“Then let it be real, then. ‘Cause those were harsh words, right? You can’t just say that and then see me and be like nothing ever happened. That’s not like the nature of battling. There’s passion behind it.There’s anger behind it.

He went on to say, “I personally enjoy making, like, great music and bodies of work over, like, being the talk of Twitter for, like, five days … I don’t know if it was worth it. Because there’s a lot of people that were mentioned that I feel like can’t really go back and fuck with that guy after that.”

I don’t how much this would escalate but lets wait and see if there will be a Kendrick Lamar/Drake beef. Could this be another version of the Nas/Jay Z beef?


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