Kanye West interview: Fashion Pioneer?

Kanye West has the music and fashion world in a frenzy after his latest radio interview with BBC 1’s Zane Lowe.

In this interview they discussed various topics including Kanye’s latest album, Yeezus, his ideas and views as a creator and not just a musician, and the subject matter of a couple songs on his album.

In the interview Kanye reveals that his songs “I am a God” and “Black Skinhead” were directed at the creative director of Saint Laurent Paris, Hedi Slimane as a way to get even. Kanye calls out Hedi on stealing his idea of the leather pants in the Saint Laurent collection.

Although Kanye may be right about first coming up with the idea of the leather jogger pant a few years back, the idea that Slimane stole Kanye’s idea and Slimane is behind in creativity is highly dismissive and a clear attempt to get even with Hedi for Kanye not being allowed to view the Saint Laurent runway show.

Slimane is a true pioneer of revamping men’s style into a much more slim silhouette made popular when he was the creative director at Dior Homme. Kanye West was actually big on Dior denims creating a whole movement around it called “Rosewood” where he only wore Dior suits and he even titled one of his songs “Christian Dior Denim flow”. Therefore, it is evident the Hedi was the one who had an influence on Kanye.

Kanye touched on some interesting ideas during the interview about being a creator and not just a musician, but he also needs to pay respects to the pioneer that is Hedi Slimane. If Slimane never came out with the slim silhouette during his Dior Homme days, Kanye’s fashion sense would be much different than what it is now.


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