Typhoon leaves 33 dead in Southern China

Typhoon Usagi, China’s strongest storm of the season, hit  Asia on Monday and caused the death of 33 people in southern China.

Prior to hitting China, the storm went through Taiwan and the Philippines where eight people  were reported dead and in Taiwan, nine people were wounded.

In preparation of the storm and safety purposes, hundreds of flights were cancelled, as many people were in China for its mid-autumn festival, whilst shipping and train lines were halted until Tuesday.

Thousands of citizens were evacuated, electricity and water were cut off  in Huilai County during the storm. In Shawei city, the most affected area in southern China, it was reported houses were toppled, cars were blown off road and in Hong Kong, trees were knocked down due to the strong winds.

There is a chance of flooding, according to The Hong Kong Observatory, in the city’s low-lying areas. Fortunately, the typhoon is expected to weaken as it continues to travel northwest but expected to cause a downpour later on today in China.

Currently, public transportation has resumed and the people are trying to get back to their daily routines.

Source: USAToday & The Wall Street Journal


-Catherine Owusu


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