Troy Ave: Powder to the People


A lot of individuals have criticized the new wave of New York rappers and their adoption of the southern trap style of hip hop. But one who has stayed true to his New York roots is Troy Ave.

Hailing from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, he embodies a young 50 Cent with his melodic yet catchy hooks and Fabolous with his braggadocios lyrical skills. Going by the alias of Harry Powder, he is quite fond of “Brick talk rap” which involves the subject matter of cocaine, much like Pusha T whose career has been based on this. Troy Ave embodies this lifestyle so much that he even names his remixes of other songs “Key-mixes.”

He has released an array of mixtapes which includes the series of Bricks in my Backpack, with the third installment being his most prominent.

His catalog also includes White Christmas and Troy Ave Presents: BSB. Troy Ave is definitely proving that his product is potent and shows that he is here to takes over every corner of hip hop. And just like that, he’ll spread powder to the people!    


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