Forever 21: Straight Out of Compton Campaign Sparks Controversy

Forever 21 revealed their new “Straight Out of Compton” Campaign/Line on twitter which has sparked outrage.

The controversy seems to stem from the idea that they were promoting certain words and a culture that is considered controversial.

Also, one of the main issues was the exploitation of black culture in order to make a profit.

One of the shirts tweeted in the photo has the letters N.W.A. imprinted across; As many people may know from hip-hop, the acronym, N.W.A. stands for “Niggaz With Attitudes.”

Many brands and celebrities continuously utilize hip hop and even twerking as a way to build a greater fan base and profit off “black culture”.

Do you feel as though this is true and issue?

When African-American individuals do certain things, it is often criticized but once it becomes popular enough, it seems as though it is okay to publicize it for economic benefit.

Source FashionBombDaily


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