Syrian War Has Reached A Stalemate

In an interview with the Guardian, Qadri Jamil, the deputy prime minister of Syria says the government will call for a ceasefire at a conference in Geneva.

“Neither the armed opposition nor the regime is capable of defeating the other side,” Jamil said, “This zero balance of forces will not change for a while.”

The Geneva Two, the conference intended to discuss binding ceasefire in Syria has been avoided by the Leaders of Syria’s armed opposition unless Syria’s current president, President Bashar al-Assad, resigns.

Under the binding agreement, the ceasefire would have to be kept “under international observation” possibly provided by monitors of UN peacekeepers who came from a neutral or friendly country.

Last year, an attempted conference at Geneva lasted for one day in June and not one Syrian attended.

When asked what was expected from the conference, Jamil said, “An end to internal intervention, a ceasefire and the launching of peaceful political process in a way that the Syrian people can enjoy self-determination without outside intervention in a democratic way.”

Source The Guardian
To find out more click the link.

-Catherine Owusu


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