Jonathan Ferrell: Unarmed Ex-Football Player Shot Dead By NC Police


A North Carolina police officer fatally shot an unarmed ex-football player, Jonathan Ferrell, 10 times causing him to die on scene.

Ferrell, 24, had gone looking for help in an NC neighborhood at around 2:30am on Saturday after crashing his vehicle, a Toyota Camry.

He approached a home, occupied by a woman and her 1 year old child. The woman was frightened by the man and called 911 to inform them that she was in danger.

As the unidentified woman spoke with the 911 operator, she said Ferrell was trying to kick down her door.

When officers arrived at the woman’s house, Ferrell ran towards the cops who then attempted to taser the 24 year old. With no avail, Randall Kerrick, one of three cops, proceeded to shoot at the unarmed man 12 times and hit him 10 times.

Randall Kerrick
Police described Kerrick’s shots as excessive; Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, appeared in court on Tuesday and has been released on $50,000 bail.


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