IAMFCB1: Coming Of Age Album

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Andrew Boateng
20 years old
Exercise Science

Andrew Boateng as a Music Producer

I’ve been a music enthusiast my whole life and it all started with my father. My father was big fan of all music; mostly reggae, african music (Hip-Life, Hi-Life), and Hip Hop. He even executive produced an album back in Ghana so music has been in my blood since I was born. I always paid respect to an artist’s verbal skills on songs, but i always paid attention to the beat because it gave you a vibe and a feel for the songs. Thats what got me interested in production. Plus, I’m a very behind the scenes kind of guy. There’s more thrill in orchestrating and laying the blueprint out for people than just talking over tracks.


IAMFCB1 is basically a coming of age album. The reason I don’t call my projects “beat tapes” is because they are very cliche and give my body of work a negative connotation. I like calling them albums because they flow,they put you in a mood, and theres always a story or a theme. But IAMFCB1 is a proper introduction to who I am as a producer. And its here to regulate any prior feelings about my material. It was made for those who feel I shouldn’t be doing this. I am presenting myself as the future. Whether its future mogul, future record executive, etc. It shows that I am here and here to stay.

How long have you been working on it and what inspired you to make this album?

I’ve been working on this album right after i dropped my first instrumental album, Lost in Eden. So its been like a month and a half or maybe two. I got my inspiration through people’s reactions to my prior beats, whether negative or positive, talks I have with friends, and popular culture and I tie it all up to create a story.
IAMFCB1 is different from Lost in Eden because first it’s better quality because i believe I got a lot better since the time I was making the beats for Lost in Eden in my dorm room. Second, I gave it a different story line. Lost in Eden was more religious. But I didnt want to exploit the Christian religion because I believe it’s sacred so I gave it another story line.Third, the cover by LOUIS XV and DJ EXQUISITEBUCKS….nuff said.

How is it different from your first instrumental album, Lost in Eden?

The vision I wanted to portray with this album was the vision of a city at war which represents the buffoonery we deal with in our world today whether its in music or socially. And the savior is FCB1. These instrumentals each define how I feel when I view a lot of the mess that goes on around me.

What was your vision or vibe you wanted to portray through IAMFCB1?

I try to give you a feeling instead of giving you something to “turn up” to. I give you that study music. I give you that relaxing music. And I can incorporate hard hitting beats that are simultaneously melodic. If you think about it, do you really want to turn up every single day? And thats why I make the beats I make. I want it to be in rotation everyday.

What is your favorite song on the instrumental album and why?

My favorite song would have to be IAMFCB1 because it is the underlying theme of the whole album. Plus, DJ ExquisiteBucks definitely spoke a lot of truth in the beginning of the song too which resonates a lot with me.

Personally, Riot and Confinement stood out to me? Can you explain the concept behind those two songs?

Riot basically is to portray the hectic behavior in the “city” the album is based on. Confinement is the law regulating these hectic behaviors in the city. But the deeper meaning if you relate it to our world, its basically showing that all the reckless behavior which people around us convey leads to a mental confinement meaning these people become mentally limited. This is relating to people everywhere from Rutgers to people in our neighborhoods to people in the music industry.

You seem to include many skits or sayings on this particular instrumental, why is that?
I added skits to add depth to the this album. I didn’t want this album to be plain. I also wanted to put on DJ ExquisiteBucks because we’re both on the rise as young, gifted individuals in our crafts. A lot of people believed he was a play DJ, but i wanted people to see that he’s actually trying to move with his DJ stuff.

How have you developed as a producer from these two instrumental albums?

I’ve definitely improved my craft in exploring and messing with different sounds. I also expanded my creative boundaries.

Are there any other music producers who inspired this album at all?

There weren’t any producers who inspired this album. But I do have producers like Harry Fraud, Mike Will, Timbaland, Pharrell, Diplo, and Kanye West who inspire me daily when it comes to music. But not this album though.

Which artists would you like to work with as a music producer?

I would like to work with A$AP Rock and Ferg, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Travis Scott, Ro Ransom, Lil Durk. In addition, I know this is left field but i would like to work with Daft Punk. A lot of people just got into them but I’ve been paying attention to them since they put out Around the World. Its a different sound and it would definitely challenge me production-wise.

How would you like to grow as a music producer in the near future?

In order to grow, I would need to keep making beats. I would also have to leave my comfort zone and consider making every type of beat and working with more than rap artists.

What sets you apart from all these other music producers?

What set me apart from every producer is that I’m very versatile. You will never define my sound. I can make everything. And if I can’t I will find a way to make it. I can tell who produced a song by just hearing the beat. I don’t want to be that way.

Three words to describe your album?

Epic. Eclectic. Monumental.

Check out it out here


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