Shawn 4:44 Thou Shalt Not Perform

With such a large radius of viewers, you would think that no one in their right mind would reject an offer to be in the spotlight at the biggest sporting event in the country. However, one Shawn Carter recently made news by turning down the National Football League and the show at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis


An Illusion of Equality

In 2017, the gap still has not been closed.   The United States is a country that touts itself as a land of freedom with slogans such as “home of the brave, land of the free.” However, this remains far from the truth for people of color. While many would assert that slavery, Jim Crow…

Black Lives Matter @ Rutgers University

What is so incriminating about the Black Lives Matter movement? Maybe it is the same idea that has made black people so intimidating since the foundation of this nation. Or maybe it is the lack of inclusivity of a movement because there is no way black people can have a movement targeted to their well-being….

Love Is Intersectional: Activism in the Age of Social Justice

From front-page headlines about Trump and neo-Nazis to op-ed pieces about  racists and domestic terrorists, it can often feel as if the world is living in an immutable era of social injustice. However, the preservation and, most importantly, the rise of various social justice movements throughout the past several years have shown that in spite…

Rutgers Revises Protest Policy: What Does This Mean?

Future protests at Rutgers may take on a different look than they have in previous years, all thanks to the decisions of administrators regarding the university’s disruption policy. However, a big question to consider is: Will protests still be as effective while adhering to these new guidelines? Well, that remains to be seen. In April,…